Payroll Service

The Challenge

Don't have the time or energy to put into payroll because you are extremely busy managing the production of your company? Your accountant who's taking care of your payroll missing for 3.5 months out the year? Or is your current payroll provider too busy trying to sell you their latest HR product line?
We can help...

The Solution

Payroll is what we do. Helping your business is our only focus. It's not a distraction during tax season or a means to sell you other products. Payroll is your way of saying thank you to your employees and we will do it right.


 I have personally worked with Larry Mutz and can attest to his commitment to make payroll functions more efficient, as well as his desire to automate and streamline processes.  He has experience with multi state payroll processing and automated time keeping.  I highly recommend Larry and his staff for your payroll processing needs.

Karen Ensley
(Former) Finance Director
Current Medical Services 


  Big business isn't all bad. We all want to grow. But big business tends to forget how to care for their most valuable asset - You. As a growing family business we are committed to ensuring your payroll needs are met, and we will happily be there every step of the way.  

News - We are growing!

Mutz Family Enterprises LLC has expanded its software base to now offer services NATION WIDE! Complex as Ohio or simple as North Carolina, we are now set to serve you.
As of August 2018 we are now offering bookkeeping services exclusively to our payroll clients. 

NEWS - IRS issues updated W-4

With the passage of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act in December 2017 a revision to the existing W-4 (Withholding Certificate) was required. Utilize the below link to access the IRS provided calculator to help you decide if you need to make changes to your existing W-4.

IRS Withholding Calculator